Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ladies What does Your Shoes Say about You.

What does your shoe say about you?  Many women have a funny way of choosing their shoes. Some buy it for collection, while others for necessity. Do you know that the shoes you select can judge your personality? You heard it right. Shoes speak a lot about your personality. When you choose a shoe, choose it wisely. Here are some tips about Shoes:

1. If you choose flats choose flat shoes, it means you are boring. To put it in better words, you like comfort more than fashion. You seem to be an introvert. No one can get close to you easily. You seem to be a very fragile person with lots of emotions. Women who choose flats are also friendly and sweet by nature.

 2. If you choose rough biker shoes you seem to be pretty outgoing and extrovert by nature. You like adventure, don’t you? Normally, women who choose these type of shoes prefer to do everything on their own. They do not trust anyone in life. Women who choose biker shoes are often tomboyish by nature. If your choice is rough, you seem to be rough.

 3. If you choose wedges many women prefer wearing wedges. If your choice is the same, then you seem to be straightforward by nature. 
4.Women who choose wedges are confident and independent. Women who like wedges love to make their own decisions in life. They are friendly by nature. You tend to trust others easily, don’t you?

5. Women who choose stilettos are often attention seekers.They like to flaunt themselves and they also like to be called ‘sexy’ in whatever they wear. Normally, women who choose these shoes love fashion. If your liking is the same, then you could be bit of a spoilt brat. The next time you go to buy shoes, do choose wisely, because shoes do speak a lot about your personality. Your choice should suit your personality, what say? Comfort plays an important role while selecting shoes.

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