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The Worst Things You Shouldn’t DO To Your Shoes – According to a Cobbler

The Worst Things You Shouldn’t DO To Your Shoes – According to a Cobbler

Shoes are one of the major accessories for any human being in the planet and like Christian Dior once said – “The real proof of an elegant woman is what is on her feet.” Having said that, the secret to a shoe with long life span is dependent on the care bestowed upon it, no matter how expensive it is. With the love we have for shoes when it comes to shopping the noteworthy, it is also recommend to learn and master the simple things not to do in other to keep them shining. So what are those things you shouldn’t do to your shoes? Sam Bedrossian, owner of Fast & Best Shoe Repair answers that for Who What Wear. Flip through the pages to learn it:


 “Wearing suede shoes in the rain or in muddy conditions is another easy way to damage your shoes. Suede shoes almost never go back to their original condition after being damaged that way.” — Sam of Fast & Best Shoe Repair

Damage Shoes - Fashion Police Nigeria 

“One of the biggest mistakes customers make is over-wearing their shoes, damaging them to the point of no return. In most cases, they are still salvageable (at a higher cost), but in some cases, they are just too damaged.” — Sam of Fast & Best Shoe Repair



“One of the biggest mistakes is washing your sneakers in the washing machine. Not only does it ruin a shoe’s quality, but it also unglues the shoe from its base.” — Sam of Fast & Best Shoe Repair


“People should protect their shoes before wearing them, but they usually don’t. Protecting your shoes earlier on will give them a longer life span.” — Sam of Fast & Best Shoe Repair


“Just like the human skin, shoes have pores that need fresh air, so try not to leave them in the closet for a long period of time. Keep them in an open area, and make sure they are never left in plastic bags for a long time.” — Sam of Fast & Best Shoe Repair

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