Tuesday, August 2, 2016

How to Stay Beautiful During Exams

How To Stay Chic During Exams Exams are indeed some of the most stressful days of your life. What you can do is make things a little better for you during such days. Who said that exam days call for wearing the first thing that reaches your hand in your closet? And who said that you have to tie your hair into a messy bun? You most certainly don’t need to keep yourself so unkempt during your exams! Even though the pressure may be over-bearing, you must find a solution to this problem. Check out these time-saving tips that will help you learn how to look chic, even during exams. 

1. Tie your hair into ponytails Ponytails are neat and tidy. It hardly takes anytime to bundle up your hair together and tie it using a rubber band. Pick a cute colored one!

2. Let your hair loose If you hardly have anytime to spare and are naturally blessed with a beautiful mane, just let it down. You will find yourself looking no less than Rapunzel even during your exams. 

3. Wear a stylish watch Now a watch is a must during exams, right? So why not wear a super-stylish one? Pick a watch with an extremely stylish polish and look. Choose one according to the size of your wrist. 

4. Wear cute footwear During exams if you are looking for something that hardly takes anytime to put on and is super-comfy, you can choose ballets. They are so feminine and make your feet look completely divine. If you are looking for something lesser feminine, you can choose sneakers. You can even wear summer sandals, slippers or low heel pumps. 

5. Wear trendy clothes As far as your clothes are concerned, you can pick tank tops, skinny jeans and cardigans. If you prefer something girly, you can go for cotton dresses with a puff-sleeved sweater. Go for bright colors to add some oomph to these tedious days. 

6. Take care of your skin During such a period of tension and anxiety, your skin is very likely to break out into ugly pimples. So make sure that you take utmost care of your skin. Drink lots and lots of water whenever possible. Also see to it that you sleep as much as you can to avoid dark circles and prevent your skin from losing its healthy glow. 

7. Pick good bags You obviously need to carry a bag to keep all your books, right? So why not go for something extremely attractive here as well. Pick a backpack, bucket bag, hobo, saddle or a tote. All of them are smart and fashion forward. 8. Stick to makeup basics As for makeup is concerned during your exams, less is more. So you may settle for a concealer just to cover blemishes and some mascara to add magic to those eyes. Also use lots and lots of lip gloss to those steamy lips. Save the rest of your makeup material for non-exams days. So my girl, finally you know how to spend hardly anytime and yet look chic during your exams.


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