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3 Money Secrets that could actually Ruin Your Marriage

3 Money Secrets That Could Actually Ruin Your Marriage

Most people don't like to talk about money — even with their spouses. But, if you don't open up to your partner about money, you could be opening up your marriage to trouble. "Ask anyone and they'll tell you that honesty and trust are the foundations of a successful relationship," says Elle Kaplan, finance expert and founder of LexION Capital. "It might not sound romantic initially, but much of this mutual faith is connected to your finances. Everything from wanting a child to retiring together requires not only emotional but also financial transparency." Some money secrets are especially dangerous, too. Here are three that our experts say you should never keep from one another.
1. You've got debt.
ou may not want to deal with your credit card or student loan debts, but keeping those big bills from your partner could hurt your relationship in addition to your pocketbook. "Debt with high interest rates will quickly snowball, and it can turn into a financial disaster if it's brought up too late," warns Kaplan. If you can discuss debt with your partner, though, he or she can help you create a plan to beat debt down. Plus, your partner could also help you "discern any bad habits that may be adding to the debt load instead of decreasing it," says Mary Beth Storjohann, finance expert and founder ofWorkable Wealth. "If you don't share these numbers, it becomes even harder to put full force towards tackling the debt."
"Especially when you start to combine your finances, it's not just what you have that matters," warns Kaplan. What you think about your moolah matters too. "When you're setting new goals as a couple, having your financial attitudes aligned is imperative," she explains, and they can't be if you never reveal them to one another.
Beyond what you believe, you may also want to share your history with money. says Storjohann. "Sharing experiences you had with money while you were growing up, howyour family handled money, and your most impactful money memories with each other will help you to understand where each of you is coming from when creating a joint plan for your money," she explains.
3. Your credit score.
A credit score may just be three little numbers, but it packs a big punch. "They can be a major roadblock for the most important purchases in your marriage," says Kaplan. Imagine how unhappy your spouse will be if they find out your score isn't high enough to qualify for a home mortgage only after you've found your dream home.
"While you may want to keep this number to yourself, the moment you try to apply for a joint auto loan or mortgage, the truth will come out and one of you could end up costing the two of you hundred if not thousands of dollars in additional interest," says Storjohann. The good news is that credit scores can improve with time and good financial habits. And your partner can help you figure out the habits that will boost yours even higher.
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Sometime in 2012,strange things were happening to me. I sit quietly and my heart starts racing and skipping beats. I knew the exact moment it started. It was so freaking scary. I was tired all the time, with bad acid reflux(heartburn) issues that affected my sleep at night, sometimes.

I was a medical student at the time, and you can imagine all the self diagnosis I did on myself. But all my inferences followed the book, standard cause and effect I was taught in school. But things still weren't adding up. It was frustrating I tell you.
A month or two after, I noticed this strange numbness on my right forearm. I wondered and analyzed and dug deep.


I went to see doctors, who told me nothing was wrong with me, and that I'm just worried too much.

You certainly will be worried when your heart is racing ahead of you!

I soon 'got used' to these symptoms, watching as more, seemingly unconnected symptoms, joined these to plague me.

I was already on the path to discovering wellness and the mindset that digs for root causes of illnesses not just symptom relief, so I couldn't just let go and take the superficial reasons I was given. I had to know!

I could now feel the pain and frustration of a patient who turns to the healthcare system for answers, and gets turned around in circles.

Being on the wellness path, that was the period I decided to get serious with my crafted fitness routine and slowly cut off sugar and artificial sweeteners from my diet. I was seeing a future career in this, and my life is one of the best proofs it's worthwhile.

So, I cleaned up my diet and watched. I took it step by step and observed. And then I saw it.

Most of my symptoms faded away after just a few weeks off aspartame!

Now let me break it down a bit. Aspartame is an artificial sweetener found in a lot of drinks, from Nutri C to diet soda to store-bought yoghurt. It's several times sweeter than sugar, so you can see why economically it's a better option for food production(cheaper than sugar). Sadly, artificial sweeteners have been linked, by several studies, to the ever rising rates of obesity and diabetes, and also neurological problems(PS, my forearm numbness).

I was able to make this link with surety because I was literally addicted to Nutri C. I drank it with almost every meal. It was an innocent pastime I didn't know was hurting me.

It seemed dramatic, but it showed me something: A lot of times its the little changes you stick to in your health that give you amazing results. I've never had those symptoms ever since.

Don't allow yourself get frustrated by the healthcare system. Especially if your symptoms are disturbing, but not life threatening. There's always something you can do. Educate yourself,and be empowered.
Don't give the healthcare system all the cards, hold some on your own side of the table.

To your wellness,

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