Wednesday, March 1, 2017

SwissGolden and How it Works


There are *two ways* to buy investment gold bars in the Internet Shop of *Swissgolden*:

1. The traditional way or
2. Through the accumulative bonus program.

In the *traditional way* of purchasing gold from Swissgolden, Gold is purchased with your money through this simple process:

1. You register with a sponsor code on the online shop
2. You go through the procedure of account verification
3. You choose Gold bars you want and place your orders
4. Arrange the delivery of the gold bars to your location

I know this is a lot, especially in this buharitic economy, but wait till you hear about the *second way* to purchase investment gold bars.

The other way to *purchase investment gold* from the web shop is through the *accumulative bonus program*.

Note that the minimum that can be purchased from the Web-shop through the traditional way is *€7000* (3,560,000 naira)

This is where you come into a deal with *Swissgolden*.

Imagine this scenario: You walk into a car shop to purchase a car that cost 5 Million naira but you actually have only 1.5 Million.

Then the Car Dealer gives you an option to pay 1.5 Million for the car only if you'll be able to refer 2 customers that will each purchase cars at 5 Million.

In essence, you have paid for the 5 Million Naira car with 1.5 Million Naira by simply referring 2 customers to the dealership.

This is exactly how *Swissgolden* accumulative bonus program runs.

You are *required to refer people* that are interested in investing in *Gold*.

In summary, instead of starting the business in the traditional way of buying at least *€7000* worth of gold bars, you now begin your gold investment business with *€220* (134k or the prevailing rate) and *refer 2 new customers*.

Now, your two new customers are also given the same opportunity to refer 2 new customers. Once that is *achieved* you have closed what we call the *Preliminary table of orders*.

Once the *Table closes*, you *earn €800* (almost 500k). Mind you, you won't cash out this earning at this point.

Rather, you would be *upgraded* to another table called the *Main table* with €720 from the money earned on the Prelim table. Swissgolden purchases 1 or 2g of gold with the remaining balance with you can request for or keep until your bigger earning.

When you get on the Main table, you are poised to *cash out 1,890 euros*, *so long as your 2 customers from the Prelim table also join you on the Main table* by closing out of their Prelim tables just like you did.

With that, the Main table also closes, and you earn 51g of Gold (depending on the current gold price) which is equivalent to €1,890 (approx. 1.1 Million Naira)

Again, these *figures are subject to prevailing exchange rates*. Every time you close your *Main table*, you earn *€1890 (i.e. 51grams of gold)*.

In the same vein, when the First Main table is closed, you are moved to the second Main table... Here you also earn 1.1 Million once the table closes.
Once the second table is closed, you are moved to the third Main table, where you earn another 1.1million once the table is closed.

Once all *3 Main tables* are closed, you would have earned approximately *3.3 Million Naira!!!*

Yes, you read that right!!!

You can decide to upgrade to the VIP tables, and earn even more.

Note that upgrading to this set of tables is totally optional. You don't have to if you don't want to.

You may remain on the Main table, and earn 1.1 Million Naira as many times as you want.


In *Swissgolden*, you can cash out your money both in *euros* and *Naira*.

To cash out in euros, you must have a *Euro domiciliary account*.

To cash out in *Naira*, people credit your Naira account with cash and you use your earn euros to *generate coupons* for new investors.

In this system of cashing out, your earnings are used to *purchase registration coupons* from your back office, which can be given to prospective clients in exchange for cash.

You can order for your Gold, and it will be *shipped to your doorpost* in Nigeria, within *3 - 7 working days*.

Please, note that the Gold we are talking about is 100% tangible. THIS IS NOT E-GOLD. BUT *PHYSICAL GOLD*.


The company will *store* it in your bullion account with her *partner bank*, *UBS* Bank (Biggest investment bank in Switzerland).


You can track your gold bars in your bullion account *via your website* given to you by the company. It's like owning a bank account that you can track your money when you login but cannot see your physical money until you use an ATM to withdraw.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, I just pulled back the curtains on the exact system our partners are using to cash in multi-millions in weeks.

The exact system that has turned hundreds of people in this team into Millionaires just from a one-time gold investment of 220€ (140K today. Please always confirm the rate from a leader before paying).

Please digest these and ask your questions.
Call for enquiries and only if you want to register +2347031089251

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