Friday, June 2, 2017

Wisdom For Ladies

Young lady listen up;

Stop giving another girl privileges she necessarily do not deserve. The day you start to complain about another girl texting, calling, pinging and facebooking your man, you naturally equate the girl to yourself and when you do this excessively, you are saying "She's worth more than me".

No matter, how beautiful, intelligent, spiritual or even connected a lady is, she should be treated as one of those girls. Ignore her and i mean ignore her.

No matter how hard you try, if she will take him away, she will take him away.

What you should do daily is to, make your man know you more, showcase the potentials you carry and be the best you can be.

Let her be as trendy as Beyonce, wayward as Rihana, colourful as Nicki Minaj, beautiful as Genevieve or even curvy as Omotola, talented as Adele, educated as Grace Alele Williams, your man will be your man.

But the problem is; You immediately make your man see the beauty and strength in her when you start to nag/complain/bother about her.

Anytime, you see her text messages, calls, pings and inboxes, smile and say "Baby, one girl needs your help here" Do this when it becomes unavoidable (if you cannot totally ignore), I would rather wish you just lock up, and watch your man becomes an Al Jazeera correspondent, reporting every discusssion with her to you bit by bit. I swear!

Congratulations to all ladies who possess more wisdom than boobs.

You know I Cherish you...


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