Thursday, December 1, 2016

Join Crowdrising and be financially free

CROWD RISING is a peer to peer donation platform were you DONATE & GET LARGER DONATIONS.                         

Grade 1
You Donate N8000
5 persons donate N8000 back to you
Total Donation recieved N40,000

You donate N16,000
25 persons Donate N16,000 back to you
Total donation recieved N400,000

Grade 3
You donate N24,000
125 persons Donate N24,000 back to you
Recieve Donation of N3,000,000

Grade 4:
You donate N40,000
625 persons donate 40, 000 back to you
Recieve Donation of N25, 000,000

Grade 5:
You donate N80,000
3125 persons donate N80, 000 back to you
Recieve Donation of N250 000, 000

Grade 6:
You donate 120, 000
15625 persons donate N120, 000 back to you
Receive Donation of N1250, 000, 000.

Grade 7:
You donate 160, 000
78125 persons donate N160, 000 back to you
Recieve Donation of N12500, 000, 000

Grade 8:
You donate 200, 000
390625 persons donate 200,000 back to you
Recieve Donation of N78125, 000, 000

Grade 9:
You donate 280, 000
1953125 persons donate 280, 000 back to you
Receive Donation of N546,875, 000, 000

Grade 10:
You donate N360, 000
9765625 persons donate N360, 000 back to you
Recieved Donation N3, 515,625, 000,000

................Down to GRADE 15

Just by donating and receiving donations...nothing else but just 100% member to member donation platform, payable directly into your local bank account..
All that is needed is just ur first DONATION...

and that's the only donation directly from your purse, plus 5friends  to form your team . The rest references are automatically selected be rest assured.
DEAR FRIENDS, DON'T BE LEFT OUT,,,,,,Just register and go out there and get your five members. Here's the Web link This is how to register as a new member

From your browser Goto ,

click enter you will see invited by you on top now you are free to proceed when you have choose yourself as the sponsor

Click Sign up automatically the crowdrising for will come out for you to fill for the new Customer you want to register.

After filling the form click Create Account

Now login to the new Customer account you just create and put the Username and password of the customer

Prove that you are not a robot by answering the question that will be given below inside the boxes.Login by clicking sign in

Inside the new Customer account you create By your left side when you are using laptop you will see my money click UPGRADE-click ADD PAYMENT ACCOUNT-click ADD NEW ACCOUNT after you click add new account inside it you will see

Donation Method put Bank Transfer the second box you will see Account put All your bank details.

You will see Note you can write a short note like Notify me when you pay to my account by calling or sending me an SMS

You will see Your Security Question put your Security Answer there and Submit the details of the new Customer.

If the new Customer has paid you the 8000, now go back to my Money click Upgrade again you will see all detail of the sponsor.

In that page scroll down to step 2 you will see
Donation Amount leave to 20
Currency you are sending leave it to Us Dollars
Member's Account you sent your donation leave it to Bank transfer

Now take note the next one you will see

Your account that you sent from put Cash
Transaction ID put Cash
Transaction Details put Cash and Submit.

Now as the sponsor login to your crowdrising account to confirm the new Customer donation that was given to you.
Immediately you confirm the donation the new Customer you register is free no time limit for him again

Thanks for your understanding

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