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Could Make-up help boost your exam results?

Could make-up help boost your exam results?

31st July 2017 – Wearing make-up may make you feel smarter and could even help students achieve better exam marks, say psychologists.

Recent studies have shown how sales of beauty products have defied recessions and economic downturns because of the way they can boost self-esteem in troubled times.

Lipstick effect

This has led to the notion coined by journalists as the 'lipstick effect'.

As psychologists have shown that positive emotions can improve academic performance, a team from Harvard Medical School in the US and the D'Annunzio University of Chieti-Pescara in Italy set out to test whether make-up could directly enhance academic performance.

The researchers recruited 186 female first-year university students and divided them into 3 groups.

Cosmetics, colouring and music

All the participants sat a simulated multiple-choice university exam about general psychology. Before the test:

Those in the first group were invited to apply make-up as they might normally do before going out.Members of the second group were asked to colour in a black-and-white drawing of a face as though they were applying cosmeticsParticipants in the third group listened to Mozart's Eine Kleine Nacht Musik – music previously linked to boosting mood – and copy some of the notes on a xylophone


The study, published in the journal Cogent Psychology, found a significant improvement in test results among the group who listened to the 'positive sounding' music compared to those who coloured in the face. However, those in the make-up group performed best.

Those in the make-up group also self-reported feeling more beautiful than those in the other 2 groups.

Asked about their mood, analysis showed a higher score for the make-up and the listening to music group compared to the face-colouring group.

Enhanced self-esteem

"All together, these results, could lead [us] to speculate that wearing make-up could have increased the participants' level of self-beauty perceived, consequently enhancing self-esteem, resulting in improvement of cognitive performance compared to the other groups", the authors conclude.

They say further research is needed to test whether make-up has longer lasting effects on cognitive performance and what methods might work to boost academic performance among male students.

SOURCES: Women's Mag
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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Effective Communication

How To Effectively Communicate

Communication plays a very important role in achieving vision. Your ability to effectively communicate is key to success and the following will enable you become an excellent communicator.

1. Build the relationship first - always When a great communicator approaches an audience, he/she takes the time to say, “good morning” and “how’s your day going?” “Trust you had a most excellent night rest? etc". The effect of the relationship-building forays is incalculable. 2. Friendliness: Through a friendly tone, a personal question, or simply a smile, you will encourage your audience to engage in open and honest communication with you. It's important to be nice and polite. Learn to use the word "KINDLY".

3. Clarity and Concision: Good communication means saying just enough - don't say too little or talk too much. Try to convey your message in as few words as possible. Say what you want clearly and directly. If you ramble on, your listener will either tune you out or will be unsure of exactly what you want. Think about what you want to say before you say it; this will help you to avoid talking excessively and/or confusing your audience.

4. Confidence: It is important to be confident in all of your interactions with others. Confidence ensures your listener that you believe in and will follow through with what you are saying. Exuding confidence can be as simple as making eye contact or using a firm but friendly tone (avoid making statements sound like questions). Of course, be careful not to sound arrogant or aggressive. Be sure you are always listening to and empathizing with the other person.

5.Nonverbal Communication: Your body language, eye contact, hand gestures, and tone all color the message you are trying to convey. A relaxed, open stance (arms open, legs relaxed), and a friendly tone will make you appear approachable, and will encourage others to speak openly with you. Eye contact is also important; you want to look the person in the eye to demonstrate that you are focused on the person and the conversation (however, be sure not to stare at the person, which can make him or her uncomfortable). Also pay attention to other people's nonverbal signals while you are talking. Often, nonverbal signals convey how a person is really feeling. For example, if the person is not looking you in the eye, he or she might be uncomfortable or hiding the truth. Know when someone is tired or in an hurry and decide on how best you can convey your message or book another appointment

6. Avoid argument : Being a good listener is one of the best ways to be a good communicator and helps avoid argument. You can only get what you give. Keep an open mind to know how best to answer questions but avoid questions that stirs up argument. Be wise, be diplomatic and tactfully handle such scenes.

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Friday, July 14, 2017

Me just being Inspirational

You have got to Live the way Jesus lived to inspire others. The purpose for our living on Earth is to Dominate the earth,Manage it and win souls for Christ.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Simple Life Rules That Make Life Much Better

Simple Life Rules That Make Life Much Better

We only live once, and sometimes, we forget to make the best of it. Hectic schedules and busy social lifes often make us take things for granted, but life can be so much better and easier on you when you live ny these simple life 'rules'. Guaranteed you'll feel less stressed, more grateful and a lot more positivity comig your way. Let's take a look at these 5 simple life rules!

Do not worry
It's often easier said than done, but letting go of things makes you so much less worried and stress free. Sometimes it's best to let things be and trust in the fact that everything happens for a reason and things will fall into place. Whether it is about school, work or your relationship status. Often, when we let go of things and stop worrying, the unexpected happens and more good things come your way.

Don't get irritated so quickly
People nowadays are so uptight, it takes the slightest thing to get someone annoyed and worked up. Don't allow that to happen to you. You can get irritated over the smallest things, but when you see it in perspective and you realize that there are way more serious problems in the world,  will you still let something or someone get to you? Probably not!

Expect less
When you have less expectations (of others) you won't get let down as easily. Realizing that nobody is the same, there's a big chance people do things with the best intentions but they might do it in a different way than you would. And there's nothing wrong with that. When you don't expect people to think or act the same as you, you won't get dissapointed that easily. 

Give more
Giving more is such an easy thing to do to make every day a good one. You can always start with smiling to others, doing something good for someone else, helping others out more. When you give more, you will receive more. When you give others positivity and good vibes, that's what you'll receive more of too. It can be in the smallest things to make the most out of your day :)

What do you think of these life rules? Share your thoughts in the comments down below :)

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