Friday, May 1, 2015

Never Ever rush or be in a Hurry

To be poised to never seem like you're in a hurry, no matter what calls. Do not walk too quickly. Do not strut making loud sounds of your heels clicking against the boardwalk. Do not eat in a hurry, no matter how hungry you are. Do not zip up your purse in an anxious and fast way. Be as quiet as possible and unhurried. This also means no slamming of car doors, house doors, fridge door, no matter how you feel. It is all about being in a relaxed control.
Obviously, this is harder than it looks especially in the fast paced society that we live in. I'm guilty as charged! If you find yourself hurrying everywhere, it is probably due to poor time management. You could also be doing too much. Slow down, select (root meaning of the word "elegance" is be selective) - elegance is after all, a way of life.

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