Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Flash Some Skin

Showing off some skin is no excuse to appear Shabby. Looking sophisticated involves knowing which part of your body you can bare or keep under wraps. Be inspired by these looks.

Tastefully show off skin
As a rule of Fashion, you can only show one part of your body at a time. As such, if it’s your cleavage, don’t show your legs. If it’s your legs, you must stay covered on top. For example, if you intend to wear a crop top, the modern way to wear it is by simply pairing it with a culottes, a full skirt or a flowing pleated skirt.

Know your body
Before you decide to flash some skin, it is important to know your body type. For instance, the best way a woman with a plump belly can wear a crop top is to pair it with full skirt that hit above the belly button range. Also, a see through mesh detailing can create a stylish peekaboo effect. So, if the mesh is around the neckline, it creates a very slimming look for women with larger chests.

Fabric Matters
Whenever you are looking to adorn an outfit with cutouts or exposed midriffs, you must consider the fabric with it is made off. A cotton and Linen fabrics gives a modern and stylish look than a satin like fabric.

Before you flash some skin
·        Before you sport a mint skirt keep your legs looking beautiful by exfoliating and getting rid of unwanted hair on your legs.
·        A few weeks before you plan on wearing a backless dress, use a bath sponge and a standard shower gel to gently scrub away dead skin every day.
·        Even if you are not prone to back acne, regularly washing your back with an acne scrub is a good way to ward off stray pimples and keep your skin looking smooth.
·        You can avoid dark skin or chest acne if you cleanse gently and thoroughly. You can use your regularly body soap or even your facial cleanser to avoid acne breakouts on your chest area. Cleanse in circular motions and rinse thoroughly.
·        You must moisturize after  you exfoliate your cleavage as this makes your cleavage skin softer and less prone to wrinkles
·        When wearing a plunging neckline, you ought to wear sunscreen to protect your chest skin from the sun. This helps avoid spots and darkening. It would also prevent premature wrinkles caused by the damaging sun rays.


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