Monday, April 18, 2016

3 Things You Must Know Before Wearing Off-The-Shoulder Dress

If there’s any piece of clothing that is blowing up like wildfire right now, it has to be the one and only off-the-shoulder dress. In fact, in every version – from tops, dresses to jumpsuits, the shoulder baring silhouette has proven it true value. While the trend continue to enjoy its moments, we feel that they’re few things you should know before wearing it.

Photo: Ozinna

#1. From the name alone, even without being told, the number is all about showing off a bare shoulder while your skin is taking centre stage. In this case, ensure your skin is glowing enough to take the risk but if you don’t feel comfortable showing it off , layer it under a jacket or blazer.

#2. There are lots of versions out there. Some are demure for the cool-girls while some are sexiest barely-there for Rihanna kind of girl. Should you want to wear the Rihanna kind of version, for support and in order to avoid any wardrobe malfunction, we advice you wear a backless and strapless bra.
A model on Maki Oh SS16 runway – Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2015

#3. With anything shoulder baring, your skin is the major accessory. So, there’s no need adding a necklace to your neck – just allow your skin/shoulders take all the attention. 



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