Monday, December 14, 2015

Getting ready for the dry season

The harmattan season is fast approaching, one of the coldest and driest season in
West Africa. This period is usually between October/November to April/May. To some people it is a dreadful period and to others it is one of the best season and often times the only difference between these categories of people is their ability to cope with the weather.

A stitch in time saves you long spa hours and skin treatment costs, and here are some measures to take to ensure a bearable harmattan season:
The skin takes the full blow of the dryness and harshness of the weather. For you to maintain a glowing skin during this coming dry season you need to drink a lot of water, water is not just free and easy to get, its also highly beneficial. Apart from satisfying thirst, water gives you that clear, youthful and glowing skin that leaves people wondering what body lotion you are using. This is because water improves skin complexion and also moisturizes the skin keeping it soft and smooth. In this dry season, water is the 99% sure way of keeping a fresh looking skin.

Protect your skin from the dry harmattan with the best body moisturizer that is, lotion that cotains enough vitamins to battle skin dryness. After taking your bath, it is best to apply the lotion while the skin is still damp to lock in moisture. While applying the lotion, take note of those parts of the body that are always dry that is, the knuckles, heels, soles, elbows etc.
Hand cream is also a must have in this weather which should be applied during the day and at night too.
Mild soap is recommended in this season as medicated soaps are not advisable because it is harsh and will likely leave fine lines on your face where the skin is most sensitive.
The lips tend to crack and tear normally when dry but in this coming weather it might get worse. Dry and chapped lips can be very painful but application of the appropriate lip balm can go a long way in protecting and keeping the lips moist. Lip balms are always available in all beauty shops.
lip balm
Often times this is a major issue that we face during this period but then again if there’s a problem, there must be a solution.
It is advisable to go for cotton wears because leather or nylon might damage the skin under the sun. The wears should be lose enough to allow some comfort. Turtle necks and long sleeves will go a long way in protecting your skin against the early morning cold and the afternoon harsh sun. ( This is a really funny weather, it has
it all,extremely cold weather, very harsh sun)
A pair of SOCKS should be worn after applying moisturizer especially by those who are prone to heel fissures.

 HAND GLOVES also comes in handy during this period. Often times when someone mention hand gloves, the mental picture we create is of those black leather gloves worn by mechanics and plumbers but that’s a misconception because there are varieties of colourful and beautiful fashionable hand gloves that can be worn to
ward off cold and still look fantastic, cotton gloves is a good way to start.

This also protects the skin from cold.
Jeans is to fashion what almighty formula is to mathematics. The jean material
shields you from both cold and the harsh sun. This is a clothing item you can wear
in what ever weather.

Now we should be ready to welcome the dry season with open arms.

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