Sunday, February 11, 2018

Poiseluks Collections

Hi Guys. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm sure you'll be wondering about the long silence. I just had to pause for a while to go for proper trainings about my big Clothing Empire that will be unleashed soon. Here's a tip of one of my couture.
#Poiseluks Collections
#I wear what I Sew.
#I sew what I wear

Poiseluks Collections

Hi Guys. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm sure you'll be wondering about the long silence. I just had to pause for a while to go for proper trainings about my big Clothing Empire that will be unleashed soon. Here's a tip of one of my couture.
#Poiseluks Collections
#I wear what I Sew.
#I sew what I wear

Friday, January 19, 2018

What Brow Shape Suits Your Face?


They say your eyes are the window to your soul - so let your brows introduce them! But one shape doesn’t fit all. Let us guide you to your best brows!

Here, we’re big fans of fuller brows with high, sharp angles. This will bring perfect definition to gorgeous rounder faces, creating angles between your cheekbones and chin.

With the most balanced face shape, you can get away with pretty much anything. Still, we recommend you opt for a pronounced high arch that extends laterally along your brow bone.

Go for a low, semi-straight arch that kisses your brow bone. A general rule of thumb? Simply follow the way your arch naturally rises and falls. Heavy shaping isn’t encouraged for this face shape since it already draws focus to your beautiful eyes and forehead.

Focus on extending the length of your brows from left to right, creating either a high or low arch. Remember, keeping things horizontal is key to balancing out your lovely features.

You’re already blessed with a defined jawline, so create balance with a thick brow and stronger arch. Angled brows help to balance and bring focus to your eyes - consider it a win-win!

Source: Beauty School

Friday, October 6, 2017

Being Skillful

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. We can't deny the fact that we all grew up without learning a skill. Learning how to write, tieing a shoe lace, reading....... e.t.c all of these are skills. Growing up and learning new skills tend to be hard on some of us, because of different challenges. Don't give in to the challenges, you can create what ever you want through your mind and with the help of the Holy Spirit. Your mind can either break you or energise you, it doesn't matter how long you take to learn the skill, all that Matters is that you are putting great effort in achieving something worth it and you will come out victorious in an exponential way. Keep being positive no matter the storm, you need to be the storm. 
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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

How to look expensive



Ever looked at people like Kim Kardashian and wonder how they manage to look so simple, not too much going on…but so damn rich! From hair to toe just oozes money, even if you just read in the news that she is rocking a $9 bodycon from some mall down the road, she just always tends to pull of the ‘millionaire’ look. Well…trust us at WLS! We found the secret! Listen up class! Here are a the rules to follow to achieve the luxe chic look:



Kim Kardashian & Micah Gianneli are a few of the style icons that always give us that rich and polished vibe…what do they all have in common? They keep to a particular colour palette…Neutrals! They never stray too far from a neutral colour palette, featuring soft, buttery tans, grays, browns, nudes and khakis.


As a wise man once said “All black everything”. And boy, we couldn’t agree more if we do say so ourselves! (See what we did there? *wink*) If you are gunning for ultimate ‘millionaire babe’ glam, black from head to toe with some bold accessories to break up the monotone is the answer, or better yet…minimal accessories!



The best shoes to rock to get the upscale luxe chic appearance, are either pointy toe shoes or strappy sandals! Apart from the fact that pointy toe shoes are a staple from the luxury brand Christian Louboutin, they elongate your legs well. Also, show a bit of skin by exposing those toes! Strappy sandals, lace-ups and peep toes are always a good idea.



Nothing screams “RICH” more than gold and rose gold chunky accessories…even if they are cheap *wink*. So opt for gold or rose gold custome jewelry over the silvers/beaded ones.



Very similar to the “black on black rule, but in this case…we are talking one of any colour (preferably soft or muted) from head to toe. If the colour is not solid enough or is not a primary colour, the best way to wear it is by mixing it up in various shades.















So there you have it! 5 Cardinal rules to looking like the ultimate rich girl!

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Friday, August 25, 2017

The Virtue of Charcoal


Charcoal is one of the most disregarded products at home. We only see the need for it when it is time to set fire for Banku.
However, if you really need first aid, charcoal is something you need to have on you all the time, you might not know this but it is one of the most medicinal products you can have at home due to its poison extraction ability.
In case you never gave it much attention, this is the time to do so.
Here are *14 benefits* of charcoal you never thought about.

1. Odour Prevention
Does your shoe smell bad? just get some charcoal and put it in them. Do you have any bad smell in your room? Drop some charcoal where you suspect the smell could be coming from. Does your fridge or freezer smell? Put a piece of charcoal in it. Do you have strong body odour? Just make a powder out of charcoal and use, thank us later.
Charcoal is very good at getting rid of bad smell. Ever wondered why your parents always scooped out the ash from the coal pot to pour in the hen coop or toilet before sweeping? That was to get rid of the odour.

2. Keeping Food Fresh
If you want your vegetables to be fresh all the time, just make a solution out of charcoal and leave your vegetables in them. Thank us later.

3. Toxins Removal from Food
These days, people complain about the use of fertilizers on plants and vegetables, making them unwholesome and poisonous. If you have charcoal, you don’t need to worry about this, all you need to do is leave the vegetables in a charcoal solution overnight and it’ll take care of the toxins. If you suspect any food contains too many chemicals, just drop them in a charcoal solution for some hours and you’re good to go.

4. Teeth Whitening
If you want to whiten your teeth, pay no attention to all these adverts on whitening chemicals and technology, just get yourself some charcoal and grab hold of a plantain stalk, make a powder out of the charcoal, mash the tip of the plantain stalk, dip it into the charcoal powder and brush your teeth with it for a week, thank us later.

5. Restoration of Soup That Went Bad
Did your groundnut soup or palm nut soup go bad? No need to worry about pouring it all away. Just put it back on fire and drop a piece of charcoal in it. This will extract all the bad taste and smell and restore the soup to its fresh state.

6. Detoxification
Do you have a hangover out of a drink out with friends the previous night, just have some charcoal with you and chew on it. To make it more effective, make a nice solution out of it and drink, you’re good to go.

7. Neutralization of Alcohol
If you mistakenly did some wild mixing and feel it can knock you out, just add some charcoal to the mixture and your problem is solved. Or if you took in too much alcohol, just drink some charcoal solution and you’re good to go.

8. Healing Wounds
Do you have a situation where someone’s wound has become so infected to the state doctors are saying they have to cut the affected area? Don’t stress over it, get a large amount of charcoal powder and pour it on the wound. This will extract all the poison from the wound and also help it heal faster. If you have a cut and you want to treat it fast, just get some powdered charcoal and pour on it.

9. Water Filtration
Do you feel your water is contaminated? You don’t need all these products on the market, charcoal can do better, just drop some amount of it in it. Don’t worry about the colour, it is safe, you can even chew on charcoal. It is far safer than eating chicken from KFC.

10. Skin Cleansing
Do you have pimples, acne or any skin disease you really want to get rid of or do you want a very smooth face or skin? All you need is charcoal. Make a thick solution out of it and smear it on your body and leave it on for some hours before taking your bath. It will leave your skin smooth and fresh.

11. Stain Removal
Do you have some stubborn stain in your kitchen, washroom or on your tiles? You actually need charcoal to get rid of it. I know you’re imagining how this black stainy product can actually remove stains right? Just try it, it works like magic.

12. Getting Rid of a Bloated Stomach
If you ate or drank something and feel bloated, charcoal is the best solution to get rid of the bloating.

13. Getting Rid of Bad Cholesterol In You
Making a solution out of it and drinking helps eliminate all the bad cholesterol you have stored in you.

14. Ulcer Treatment
Charcoal can treat all the ulcers out there you can think of including stomach ulcer. Just make it a habit to always chew on some.

Activated Charcoal
Activated charcoal is also useful but the above benefits are from using simple charcoal.
You cannot make activated charcoal at home. It is a manufactured product. It is actually a drug and available in tablets to deal with poisoning in clinics. Luckily, the best type is derived from coconut shell. Bioresources Institute of Nigeria (BION) at Umuna, Imo State has initiated the processing of food and drug grade activated charcoal under GMP conditions, to be realized as soon as the target specifications are met.

Activated charcoal can interfere with the absorption nutrients, supplements and prescription medications. Take activated charcoal 90 minutes to two hours prior to meals, supplements and prescription medications. Potential adverse interactions with the following drugs can occur: naltrexone (used for alcohol and opioid dependence), acrivastine, bupropion, carbinoxamine, fentanyl, hydrocodone, meclizine, morphine, methadone, morphine sulfate liposome, mycophedone, oxymorphone, suvorexant, tapendol, unexlidinium, acetaminophin, tricyclic antidepressants, theophylline. When selecting activated charcoal, it's vital that you know what it's made from. Not all activated charcoal supplements are created equally. Look for activated charcoal made from coconut shells or identified wood species that have ultra-fine grains. In the powdered from, many products have added artificial sweeteners to make them more palatable; avoid these. Artificial sweeteners are loaded with chemicals and frankly speaking, it doesn't make sense to take activated charcoal to get your body rid of chemicals and toxins if it's loaded with chemicals. Sweeten it naturally if desired with fresh juice or of natural sweetener.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

It's not all about Sex in Marriage

Sex is an important element in marriage and until there is sexual intercourse between a husband and a wife, the marriage is not yet spiritually recognized. This shows how important sex is in marriage.

When you look at how aggressive men are towards sex you may think that what a man needs from a woman is sex. Of course, if he has not married you yet or he does not really intend to marry you what he will need from you is nothing above your body. But if he really intends to marry you or if you guys are already married sex is never what he needs from you - maybe let me say it better; "WHAT A MAN NEEDS MOST FROM A WOMAN IS NOT SEX."
Many young girls think because they are sexually active and experience they will easily be married and have their husbands loving them. And when a man approaches for marriage they think the greatest asset they have to show the man is sex. Others also think once they are giving out their bodies it means they are giving out the best for which reason they will be chosen above all.

There is this young girl who is very beautiful and sexually active. Due to that she thought sex is all that matters to a man. Ironically, she struggled for long before finally getting married. Her sexual dexterity could not win her the heart of a man until out of the blue and reason beyond imagination a very handsome good man married her. The wedding was grand and her tears were now gone. Unfortunately only a year after the wedding the marriage fell on rocks. Within five years three different men came her way but none could stay.

The problem was simple. She thought sex was all that matters so she would never submit. But submission is what men need, not sex. It is time for our young ladies to know that when a man is ready to marry he will not look out for a woman who will satisfy his sex drive but a woman who will submit herself to him. Excuse my language, "every woman has vagina but not every woman has humility." So when you are a humble woman, you are an expensive jewelry. And a man of integrity will fear to lose you.
What does the Holy Bible  say, "wife, submit to your husband." The reason is that a man's true love goes out only for a woman who is submissive. Your beauty cannot make another woman ugly but your humility can let him love you above all other women.

Sadly, many young ladies in our days call submission as "control." And you will hear them saying in tiny romantic voices, "As for me I don't want any man to control me oh." If you don't want to submit don't think of marriage because no man in his right sense will offer his love to a woman whose heart is higher than his height, no matter how short he may be or poor he is.

When a woman bows her knee before a man, the man will automatically bow his heart before her love. And love her sincerely. There are, of course, recalcitrant men who will not value women of humility but I tell you that every true man does not need sex, but submission. It is submission that truly makes you a romantic wife. So be the QUEEN you want to be but when it comes to dealing with your husband, play the role of a humble maid nothing dey happen. Don't forget that it is the spirit of humility that has caused many maids to hijack their mistresses' husbands. Be your man's queen and also be his maid not mind all those big mouth ladies who come online to pretend by advising you to do something they won't dare in their homes.

I wish you all the best as you submit in your relationship and marriage. May God bless you with good marriage, and may God direct the right men to your path.

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