Monday, February 1, 2016


It is essential for an individual to behave in a responsible manner acceptable to the society. People around us must not feel embarrassed by our behavior. One should not behave irrationally or illogical in public.
Etiquette in simpler words is defined as good behavior which distinguishes human beings from animals, and human being is a social animal and it is really important for him to behave in an appropriate and social responsible way in public. 

  •    Etiquette makes you a cultured individual who leaves his mark wherever he goes

  •    Etiquette teaches you the way to talk, walk and most importantly behave in the society.

  •    Etiquette is essential for an everlasting first impression. The way you interact with your superiors, parents, fellow workers and friends speaks a lot about your personality and up-bringing.

  •    Etiquette enables an individual to earn respect and appreciation in the society. No one would feel like talking to a person who does not know how to speak or behave in the society.

  •     One becomes more responsible and mature.

There are different types of Etiquette but here are some few drafted for you.

  • Corporate Etiquette:

This refers to how an individual should behave while he is at work. Each one needs to maintain the decorum of the organization. Don’t loiter around unnecessarily or peep into other cubicles.

  •  Wedding Etiquette:

Wedding is special event in every one’s life. Individuals should ensure they behave sensibly at weddings. Don’t drink uncontrollably in a wedding event.

  •  Meeting Etiquette:

This refers to styles one needs to adopt when he is attending any meeting, seminar presentations and so on.
Listen to what the other person has to say. Never enter a meeting room without a notepad and pen. it is important to Jot down important points for future references.
  • Bathroom Etiquette:  This are set of rules an individual needs to follow while using public restrooms or office toilets, make sure you leave the restroom clean and tidy for other person.

  • Eating Etiquette: Individuals must follow certain decorum while eating in public places. Don't make noise while eating. one shouldn't leave the table unless and until everyone has finished eating. Although, this depends on the settings or pattern you find yourself. 

  • Social Etiquette: This is important for an individual as it teaches how to  behave in the society.

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