Friday, July 22, 2016

How to ensure your makeup last 24 hours.

Women who have oily skins don’t really fancy makeup because it turns messy after a few hours. While makeup enhances a woman’s appearance, it is important to ensure it is applied properly to give a matte finish. If you have an oily skin and cannot do without makeup, here are 5 tips to ensure you look good all day long.
∗ Apply foundation before makeup
Women with an oily skin should always apply foundation before they actually make up. The foundation will cover your oily skin thus preventing the makeup from dissolving. In addition, it will fill the pores on your face and also improve your natural skin tone. It is a perfect pre-makeup tip women with oily skin should regularly practice.
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∗ Don’t use too much powder
You cannot blame someone with an oily skin for over using powder as this will cause any product they put on the face afterwards to last longer. However, this measure can only work for a short period but not for the whole day. If you have got an oily face, you should only apply powder on the shiny spots of your face.
∗ Go oil-free 
Since your skin is oily, it is advisable to avoid oily makeup products. You should also steer clear of fatty foods like chips, fries, and cheese and replace them with the consumption of more fruits and vegetables.
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∗ Refrain from using harsh lotions
It is important for women to know the cream that is suitable for their skin before applying them. Oily skins and harsh lotions are not friends because it doesn’t reduce the oil nor soften your skin.
∗ Don’t forget your blotting papers
Blotting papers should always be in your bag if you have an oily skin. They are helpful for dabbing the face when the makeup eventually fades.

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