Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Swissgolden is a company that buys and sells gold bullion bars for individuals like you and I which can be used in making gold jewelries. Swissgolden deals with 24karat gold the purest and finest in the world with 999.9% purity. These bullion bars are in different weights and sizes ranging btw 1grm-100grm.

The company is registered in the British islands and have offices in london and Germany.

The aspect of the business that is particular to us is the bonus scheme and residual or passive income.
The business Comprises of 5 parts/tables;

1. Prelim table 220€(140k) bonus earned 800€

2. Main table 720€, bonus earned is 1890€

3. Prelim vip table 1050€ bonus 4000€

4. Vip table 2800€ investment with a bonus of 28000€

V5. Vip+ table 9800€ investment with a bonus of 98000€

When you register as a partner all that is expected of you is to recommend "only 2 people" to invest as you did and they equally duplicate themselves.

The table is closed and you earn your bonus. The earning come in gold and you either request delivery or sell back to the company for your cash.

In a simple form:

Team PZ reduces your investment risks in the SwissGolden business and shares profit with you.

Instead of the initial 140k, Register with just 20k and refer 2 persons.

Earn 945 euros in 3 months.

There's room to register with more than 20k (multiple slots is allowed)

Contact: 07031089251 only if You want to make enquiries & register immediately . Thank You.

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