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How to make money from your blog

Proven Blog Cash Strategy Revealed!

Turn Prospects to Friends; Friends to Customers and Raving Fans

How To Profit From Your Blog

Today, I will answer the questions I get from many of my readers about how to REALLY profit from a blog.

At this point in my newsletters, I want to believe you already know what blogging is all about.

All the time, I see people who own blogs but they have got no idea on exactly how to turn their blogs into a business that brings in cash.

Others are tied down by the belief that they can only make money from Google Adsense, or selling Clickbank or Amazon products.

So they wait endlessly for almighty Google to approve their accounts and look for shortcuts to get Clickbank to send them checks. At the end of the day, these people are defrauded or they are stagnated or simply lose hope because of inability to make any headway whatsoever.

Over the years I have been online, I have experimented with a lot of them and now know what works anywhere in the world, even in Nigeria.

Before we go ahead to discuss ways to profit from a blog, I will tell why you need a blog in the first place.

Why Everyone And Businesses Need A Blog

In recent time, the internet had undergone serious changes and social media and networking has changed the entire Internet marketing landscape.

One of the top social media tools available for marketing of products and services today is a blog. No wonder one of the top searches done on the web by Nigerians is the keyword: “how to start a blog

It’s obvious even Nigerians and small businesses are realizing the importance of blogging to businesses.

Owning a blog help you to accomplish 3 things.

It is a lead magnet for your business (It helps to attract your exact audience to your business)It is a platform that help you to build a relationship that establishes trust for your brand or name.It offers a way to showcase your products and services politely without annoying your readers or pushing them to patronize you.

Once you have a blog, selling a product, services, or just branding yourself becomes easy.

So if you own an unsuccessful blog already that is not achieving any of the threeobjectives above or you are planning to start one, my advice is to undergo a training that will help you achieve that.The Blog Cash Videoscomes handy in this case. You can access it by clicking here

Ways To Actually Make Money From Blogs

Here are the things you need to do to start making good money from blogs here in Nigeria.

1. Sell Your Products or Services Using Your Blog

Do you have a physical product, a shop with goods, or you are a small business person who has a hard time selling your products.

Set up a blog and target it to one of the products that has the potential to sell more than others in your store. Then when you do get customers to buy, gradually up-sell them to the rest of the products and services you have in stock.

Let’s say you are a fashion designer, and you know different styles and fashions that you can create clothes on.

Here are the things you can do on your blog…

You can write an article on the latest fashion styleYou can offer to teach this style to other fashion designers who wants to upgrade their knowledge and charge them fee for that.You can display latest clothes made out of that fashionYou can publish latest news and updates on the latest fashion craze in town.

If you are in Real Estate, a photographer, a dentist, an engineer, a pharmacist, a painter or whatever profession or services you can offer, setting up a blog will help you to get more client for your business to move forward.

2. Write An Information Book

One area I have excelled greatly in blogging is through the selling of books. More precisely electronic books [ebooks].

I have collectively sold thousands of copies of books I authored on my blog using proactive blogging.

So if you want to make money as well, try writing a simple book and selling it on your blog. Now don’t get me wrong, writing a book is not difficult. You can write a simple 20 paged book that solves a problem that people desperately need solution to.

For example, if you have information on how any Nigerian youth can “Work and Study Abroad”, all you need to do is to open up Microsoft Word, type and organise the information in a way that people will actually enjoy reading it.

More importantly, ensure that this information is correct and real. If you have such a product, and you own a blog on how to secure educational Visa abroad, no doubt, your readers will be happy to purchase such information from you.

You can write short reports like that in many other areas like health, relationship, investment, football, computing etc.

As long as your blog audience is targeted, you will be able to sell several hundred copies or even thousands of that product overtime as passive income.

3. Become A Consultant

What can you do very well in your life better than most people? Can you successfully help anyone to achieve the result he desires in some areas of life?

For instance, if you are an Estate agent, you can open up a consultancy outfit using your blog to direct people to your office.

If you know how to make a certain perfume, you can become a consultant and offer classes teaching people how to do that.

If you know how to design or develop websites, you can offer such services as well as a web development consultant.

Are you an Architect?
A Lawyer?
A Doctor?
An Artist?
A Teacher?
An Entrepreneur
A Business person

Whatever your profession, identify areas that you can help people with solutions to their problems and set up a consultancy services and you will sell with your blog.

4. Create And Sell Courses

Do you have a skill you would want to teach people how to do? Are you a graphic designer? Do you know you can actually prepare a video course along with tutorials on how to use the videos to learn a particular thing.

The videos and tutorials can be broken down and each video teaching one concept or another. This whole course can be burnt on a DVD or CD ROM, packaged and sold as an information product.

An example of this type of course is The  Blog Cash Videos Here. Though, this course doesn’t have a DVD but it can be easily burnt and sent to people who may have problem with Internet access.

5. Sell Advertisement Space

Some high traffic blogs make their money selling advertisement on their blogs. An example is Linda Ikeji blog

You see, Linda gets hundreds of thousands of website visitors to her blog every month, so companies, individuals and organisations pay for adverts to be placed on her blog for a period of time.

Additionally, Linda also places Adsense like adverts like Google Adsense webmaster account and is paid monthly for clicks made by website visitors on her blog.

So if you have got your blog to a stage where you get at least 1,000 visitors per day, then you can consider selling advert space on your blog because advertisers must ensure you truly get website visitors before they can pay you for the advert placement.

I once mentioned in one of my newsletters that there’s something Linda is not doing on her blog website that if she does it, she will multiply her income by 3 times.

One of those things is becoming a direct affiliate to the products that have those advertisements on her blog. Some of the companies that place those adverts are making more from Linda’s blog traffic than she is from just collecting advert placement fees.

There are other things she is also missing out that if she does it, will shoot her income through the roof.

So if you want to make money blogging, what I have just outlined above is the simple way to go about it.

Basically, everything boils down to selling a product or service to your proposed audience and these products must be anchored on your blog.

Yet some people may still worry and still ask this question: “But I don’t have a product yet, how can I make money blogging?”

If you belong to this group of people, all I will say is this: The most important (and hardest) aspect of blogging is deciding on the niche market to blog about.

Once you have sorted that out, everything thing will fall into place.

For now, here are the things you need to do to get started.

Identify your audienceCreate your blogPublish interesting articles on itDrive targeted traffic or website visitorsBuild a list of newsletter readers.

Once you have done the above 5 things, focus on helping people solve their problems by writing more free articles, taking surveys to find the areas where people have problems.

Once you have some readers, they will take your survey and tell you where they have problems. Your job will be to go online to source for this information.

Once you have it….

BOOM… You now have a product!

And guess what?

Because you took a survey to find out what your readers needed before making it available to them, once you present this solution to them in the form of a book or whatever format, you will sell out.

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