Monday, June 19, 2017

The Woman Men Desires

The Woman Men Desire..👍

1. There is a kind of woman a man will marry and he will never end up poor, not because she has millions of Dollors, Pounds or Euros but because she has the true wealth within her. She possesses wisdom.

2. There is a kind of a woman a man will marry and he will experience peace till death, irrespective of the storms of life. A calm dove.

3. There is a woman whose battles are fought on her knees and not on her mouth and her enemies are known by her,not her husband, or even her kids but the devil himself knows and is scared of her because she is a praying woman.

4. There is a woman who is not a gossiper, because of her uprightness her husband is known in the gate and sitteth among the elders of the land.

5. There is a kind woman whose hands have been trained for various Enterprise, skillful in business and never lazy. She works tirelessly to make sure her children are well fed, protected, educated and blessed.

6.There is a kind of woman who is more wealthy and educated than her husband yet very respectful and submissive. A woman who is aware that women can lead in all other sectors of lives expect the home, a seasoned Professor but yet, unconstitutionally submissive at home.

7. There is a kind of woman who knows how to handle her husband on bed and make him to be sexually satisfied and fulfilled. She doesn't use sex to punish her husband just because they had misunderstanding..She fulfils her sexual responsibilities to her husband, a true lover, she shows great commitment to marriage.

8. There is a kind of woman who manages her home well. She is hard working,focused, prayerful and respectful.. She's a great cook, co-adviser to the husband. A perfect home manager.

9. There is a kind of woman who is very supportive to her husband's visions and work tirelessly to see the fulfillment of that vision.

10. There is a kind of woman that God has made the bread winner of her family but yet she is very respectful, submissive and obedient to her husband. she's very industrious. Like Sarah, call her husband my lord...

11. There is a kind of woman who doesn't complain nor nag when her husband is misbehaving but always on her knees interceding for him until change takes place.

12. There is a kind of woman who never hears gossip neither gossip. She'll never allow any third party to come in between her and her husband especially when they have conflicts and misunderstanding.She is quick to forgive and forget. Her language is always,Am sorry,I was wrong,I didn't meant to hurt you,please forgive me👍She values her marriage more than her ego. She can do anything to save her marriage because she knows that there are other woman out there, praying and waiting for her to leave her husband's house so that they can occupy her position.

Finally, Never underestimate your power as a woman. Don't be reduced to nothing and worthless by meaningless singers out there that thinks you are men's problem and equivalent to money or sex. There is more to you than meet the eyes. Stay in God's word. Real women abound..

Be That Virtuous woman!!!STAY BLESSED

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